Main insert for cylinder block die casting

Bore Core


Cylinder Block

  • Now the monthly quantity of Bore Core is up to 100 pcs. The last year record was up to 1000 pcs per year. The Bore Core is very important item for us.
  • We produce highest quality Bore Core in the world.
  • We produce Bore Core for Cylinder Block.
  • The Bore Core is main insert for cylinder block die casting.
  • The design of Bore Core are really diffcult to produce.
  • Sometimes the length is over 500mm and the hole also deep.
  • Sometimes the surfare finish like a mirror.
  • But we every time clear a lots kinds of request.


Bore Core Line

Production line for Bore Core. We have really wide production line for bore core. The capacity is 100 pcs per month it will get your target price and delivery.


Lathe Machine

Lathe Machine Bore Core

We have over 10 lathe machines that produce Bore Core. If you know that we have long history produce die cast core pins. Our technical of Lathe machine evolved year by year. Especially, the long boring are our specialty. We can produce over 10mm under cut / one side by boring.


Machining Center

Bore Core Machine Center

We have 11 vertical Machining Centers and 4 horizontal Machining Centers in our Bore Core Cell. Our specialties are long and wide boring. We will use BT-Tool and we have a lots of size BT-Tool. All machining is done with high speed hard milling avoiding EDM when possible.


Non Contact Measuring Machine

Measure Bore Core

We will inspect by Non contact measuring machine. Of course we will use 3D Model for check. We would like to produce Bore Core with perfect quallity.